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Embrace a Unique Style of Relationship Building

Digital Freight Forwarder Network

About us
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We are unique from all other Traditional Networks

Our network allows only 1 Member per location

Unlike other Freight Forwarder Networks that may have maximum members from the same location, we assign only one member per location. This approach allows for good relationships & trust to flourish. With exclusive access, our members can focus on building strong connections and providing value-added services, rather than getting lost in a crowded marketplace.

We connect Freight Forwarders anywhere in the globe

"We value quality over quantity"

You not only connect each member per location, but also act as the sole point of contact for all our members in your location

"Join Our Community, Embrace Uniqueness, and Forge a Path of Collective Growth"

Who can apply for Membership in Xpert-log?

Unmatched Personal Connections

Uniting Freight Forwarders through Personal Relationships, Our Exclusive 'One Member per Location' Policy Enhances Meaningful Networking Worldwide

Key Highlights of Xpert-log!


  • Credibility Checking before approval

  • Efficient Digital Processing Platform

  • Working directly with Shippers & Buyers

  • ​Transparent and Secure facilities

  • Timely Support

  • Proper Communication Channel

  • Long-Term Relationship Building

  • Convenient Access & Mobile Support

Bonus Rewards Program

Xpert-log offers Bonus System

Share Shipments within the Group and Receive $12 per Shipment,


NB: Active Members could be eligible for even Complimentary Membership

"Unveiling Unmatched Value: We Deliver What Others Cannot, Elevating Your Experience Beyond Expectations"


Direct Connections with Customers

Introducing "" for the Strategic Approach of customer engagements

Xpert-Log and QUUOTE.ME Collaborate to Boost Customer Engagement through Streamlined Online Shipping Quotes, Offering Exclusive Opportunities to Selected Forwarders and Eliminating Internal Competition in Each Location! helps Freight Forwarders to directly connect customers PNG.jpg

Unique Benefits for You

Ultimate Benefits Exclusively Reserved for Xpert-log Members only!

Xpert-log Members can get ultimate discounts in purchasing (warehouse management system)

Discounted Price for


As an Xpert-log member, you gain access to at an attractive discounted rate!

Xpert-log has tie-up with Cargo Insure Online that helps members to protect their Cargo
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Cargo Insurance Online

Protect your cargo with Cargo Insure Online's convenient online coverage, ensuring security and simplicity from door-to-door

Members can safeguard their Financial Interest upto $20,000 guarantee

Payment Protection Plan

Our Group's Payment Protection Plan Safeguards your Financial Interests with up to $20,000 Guarantee.

This is the unique e-wallet for Xpert-log members only

Xpert-Pay System

The Secure and User-Friendly E-Wallet Software, Streamlines Account Payables & Receivables with Zero Bank Commissions

Fists in Solidarity

Our Esteemed Partners

Our Esteemed Partners as the Cornerstone of Achievements, Uniting Expertise, Dedication, and Vision for an Extraordinary Future.

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Our Esteemed Members

Shipment Commitment: To foster an active and vibrant community, members are required to share a minimum of 25 shipments per year within the group, promoting collective growth and opportunities for all involved.

Shipment Bonus: Earn a shipment bonus of $12 for each shipment you share within the group, rewarding your active participation and contribution.


* We have members in the given locations. Zoom out map to see the entire list of Countries.

Become the designated Point of Contact (POC) for an open location in our group, serving as the main coordinator for the maximum number of members in that area. 

Countries open for Membership



Global Annual Meetings (GAM)

Global Annual Meeting where all the Members are coming together for different activities & meetings

Your Gateway to

Global Business Expansion & Cost-Effective Business Networking!

Attending the GAM Meeting saves you valuable time by bringing together numerous members in a single event.. That means, you can significantly reduce travel expenses associated with meeting representatives from various countries individually.


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Global Annual Meeting, 2024

Location: Barcelona

Dates: April 28 - May 1, 2024

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