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Members benefit from a large customer base actively seeking shipping quotes Online platform connect customers

About! is a leading online platform where customers connect to obtain shipping quotes effortlessly. Every day, numerous customers rely on to fulfill their shipping needs. It serves as a central hub where customers can conveniently request and receive quotes from trusted freight forwarders.

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We are officially connected to!

We are so proud to announce that Xpert-log is now officially connected to This strategic collaboration opens up new avenues of opportunity for Xpert-log members. By joining forces with, Xpert-log members gain direct access to a long set of shipping orders generated by customers seeking reliable freight forwarding services.

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How Beneficial is for Xpert-log Members?

The partnership between Xpert-log and brings immense benefits to Xpert-log members. Firstly, members gain access to a large customer base actively seeking shipping quotes, translating into a higher potential for business growth.


Secondly, the direct connection with customers fosters personalized relationships and enables members to understand and address customer requirements more effectively. Additionally, the streamlined process facilitated by ensures efficiency, saving members valuable time and resources.


Minimal Competition: Xpert-log's exclusive one-member-per-location policy ensures reduced internal competition for members!

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