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Online Freight Forwarder Network

Xpert-Log is a well designed & maintained Online Network

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What makes XPERT-LOG different from other Networks?

Xpert-Log is an online platform exclusive for Freight Forwarders that helps to smoothen & enhance their business. Our policies make sure of maximum security, transparency, friendship, and a high level of trust. Our members personally know each other & they grow together. But what makes Xpert-log unique from others?


We offer Freight Forwarders to connect directly with customers located anywhere around the world


Only 1 Freight Forwarder will be approved by location

About us

Main Highlights

We believe that Freight Forwarder Networks must work on a higher level of quality, thereby providing an opportunity for all International Freight Forwarders to get digitally connected with Shippers & Buyers, thereby work directly with them.

  • Enables to receive direct requirements from Customers 

  • Credibility checking before membership 

  • Only 1 member per location (depends on countries)

  • Direct working with Shippers & Buyers enhance business

  • An efficient and easy processing platform

  • Robust system with all resources to work on your shipment

  • A proper communication channel

  • Transparent process and maximum security 

  • Right time support 

  • Improve long-term relationship

Cargo Ship at Sea

Only 1 Member per Location

Our Innovative Digital Platform enables each Member to Quote every RFQs online

 Do not miss any opportunity anymore!


1 Member per Location

Digital Platform

Bonus system for active Members

Online Payment without bank fees/commission

Cargo Insurance Online

Grow your business with Shippers/Buyers 

Request the price of your location NOW!
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How Xpert-Log helps direct link with the customers?

QUUOTE.ME is a platform where a lot of customers connecting for online shipping quotes everyday. Now, Xpert-Log officially joins hands with QUUOTE.ME, that helps our members to connect with a lot of shipping orders directly from customers. As Xpert-Log approves only one Freight Forwarder per location, the chances for that Freight Forwarder to get business are maximum through our digital platform, as there is no competition at all for internal comparison in your location

Online Freight Forwarder Network

Remember, there is "ONLY ONE" Freight Forwarder assigned per location!


Grab the opportunity to become the "only 1" in your area

& acquire the entire business!

Direct link with the customers?

Introducing QUUOTE.ME as a key behind this successful processing

Xpert Log Freight Network linking

Become an esteemed member of XPERT-LOG & connect much more customers directly!

Our Esteemed Members!


Our Services

We’re proud to provide community members with top-notch service. 

Our services are making your life easy!


Protect your customers interests

  • Competitive Rates

  • All Commodities

  • Door-to-Door Coverage

  • Chubb Insurance



Work SAFE inside the group

Working inside the group guarantee  a payment protection up to $20,000


Protect your customers interests

  • Competitive Rates

  • All Commodities

  • Door-to-Door Coverage

  • Chubb Insurance


Online payment system that allows members to pay and receive money at no cost

Completely safe and secure, e-wallet online software allows members to manage and maintain their account payables and receivables in a simple and effective manner

User-friendly and totally FREE for our members

Join our Group and uplift your business profit

Cargo Ship at Sea

Incentive/Bonus System

We always provide quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients.


Shipment Commitment

25 Shipments per year as a commitment must be shared inside the group


Receive an amount of $12 for every shipment you share inside the group

Some of our Members are receiving a Free Membership due to their activity

Add On Services

Our Additional Services

What We Provide

Available on all Devices

All information always at your fingertips



XPERT-LOG is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

Cargo Ship at Sea
GAM Meetngs

GAM Meeting

Once a Year, meet your XPERT-LOG Family during a 3-Days exciting Meeting

 XPERT-LOG Global Annual Meeting is the best and unique chance to strengthen your Network relationships and meet so many new contacts at once avoiding extra representation costs


Our partners

Freight Forwarder Network linking

Shipping Marketplace for Buyers/Sellers to request Freight Quotes & Bookings online

Freight Forwarder Network Provides Insurance

Cargo Insure Online to secure every shipment

Freight Forwarder Network connects Warehouse Software

Warehouse Management Software with e-Commerce & Carriers' integration

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