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Digital Freight Forwarder Network

A perfect Network to enhance your International Freight Forwarder business!

Digital Freight Forwarder Network

Our Network brings esteemed Freight Forwarders to a single point & help them jump into the next level of business!

Welcome to Xpert-Log!

About us

Why & How?

 What made us think about an International Freight Forwarder Network!

We believe that Freight Forwarder Business must touch an extreme level of quality. Today, a lot of Networks are available online & very easy to join too! But, nothing makes any difference rather than doing the same stuffs. Our team kept this point when we planned for something extra ordinary for Freight Forwarders. Our long set of researches ended up with Xpert-Log. Our key is not only to smoothen the process of Freight Business between our members, but also, to boost opportunities thereby helps all of us grow together! 

Freight Forwarder Network Key benefits!

First of all, being one member of a valid Freight Forwarder Network, you are able to expose your business to more than one partner inside the group. Means, you can have enough esteemed contacts that helps you grow much bigger! 

  • Enhance business process through direct connection with Shippers & Buyers

  • Credibility check 

  • Easy and Effective Communication Channel 

  • Extended Security

  • Options to boost a long term relationship

  • Maximum Flexibility

  • Affordable rate

  • Quick Support at the right time

Extra Benefit to maximize your business opportunity!

Limited number of Members per country boosts opportunity to achieve maximum business in corresponding country!

  • Only 1 Member per Country

  • A flawless Digital Platform

  • Bonus system for active Members

  • Online Payment without bank fees/commission

  • Cargo Insurance

  • Grow your business with Shippers/Buyers

A Unique Feature From us!

An amazing opportunity that you can never find anywhere else

Our Network helps you link Directly with the Customers!


Introducing, a specially designed platform offers benefits to both the Customers & Freight Forwarder Networks together. is mainly a Marketplace for the customers (Importers & Exporters) to request Shipping quotes, thereby booking their shipments online. Our Network achieved a successful join hands with so that our members can have more Shipping Quote Requests coming through This boosts up business opportunities for our members, thereby maximizing profit margin.  

Our Special Services for you!

Our offers help you make your life easy!

Payment Protection Plan : 

Members can have a safe working inside the group such that our network guarantee you a Payment Protection up to $20,000

Cargo Insurance Online:

Very competitive Rates * All Commodities * Door-to-Door Coverage 

Xpert Pay:

Completely safe and secure

Ewallet online software allows members to manage & maintain their account payables and receivables easily

A very User-friendly

FREE for our members

Amazing Incentives & Bonus offers!

Maximum benefits & unlimited quality

Shipping Commitment :

25 Shipments per year as a commitment must be shared inside the group


Receive an amount of $12 for every shipment you share inside the group


Our partners

Freight Forwarder Network linking
Freight Forwarder Network Provides Insurance
Freight Forwarder Network connects Warehouse Software
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